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David Clegg Independent Funeral Services is a family-run funeral service with over 90 years of experience working closely with families and friends who have lost somebody close to them. The heart of our business is to arrange services that are unique, special and tailored to represent the wishes of the deceased and all the bereaved.

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David cleggs office
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Giving Peace of Mind

A Final Message of Love

Removing the Burden


Plan and arrange a funeral that reflects the life and memory of your loved one with the help of our services. We arrange all types of funerals, including traditional, non-traditional, non-religious and green funerals and perform both burials and cremations. We have a fleet of vehicles to accommodate transport for all funeral services and are happy to take into account any additional wishes and requirements of the family such as an inclusion of prayers or hymns and so on. We also work closely with Golden Charter Funeral Plans to provide funeral direction and planning services.

Close Up of Pink Roses
Close Up of Pink Roses

Why choose us?

  • Compassionate and relevant funeral services

  • Burials and Cremations

  • Arrangement of hearses, vehicles and funeral flowers

  • Simple to traditional funeral services

  • Repatriation services

  • Funeral planning

  • 75 years of experience 

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year availability 

Old photo showing L J Clegg and car at funeral


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